Hotfix for CE Store Uploader issue

Recently, when I post jobs on the Cloud Calculation Engine for which the fastq.gz files are stored on a local file server, the job statuses often remain "WaitingQueued" for more than 24 hours after which the jobs fail. I haven't experienced this before, what could be the reason?

On some systems, the CE Store Uploader appears to be broken, uploading only some of the files from a data set in a seemingly random fashion. As a result, the Calculation Engine does not have the data on which to perform its calculations and the job cannot start. We suspect that this behavior is triggered by recent Windows security updates. Jobs on sequence read sets (SRS) imported as links from NCBI SRA, EMBL ENA, Amazon S3 or Illumina BaseSpace are not affected. This issue is resolved in the latest BioNumerics release, which can be obtained from our software download page.

Alternatively, to restore the functionality without the need for administrator rights, you can download a hotfix for this issue.

Proceed as follows to install the hotfix in a BioNumerics database:

  1. Save the file on your hard drive.
  2. Open a BioNumerics database and select File > Install / remove plugins....
  3. In the Plugins dialog box that appears, click on the Database functionality tab.
  4. Press the <Add> button, browse for the file and press <Open>.
  5. Press <Yes> to confirm the addition of a single Python script to the database and <Exit> to close the Plugins dialog box.
  6. Close and re-open the BioNumerics database.

The above procedure should be followed for any database that has the WGS tools plugin installed and in which you have imported sequence read sets via links to local fastq(.gz) files.

Applicable for: 
Version 7.6