BioNumerics version 7.6 released

We are proud to announce the release of version 7.6 of our flagship software suite BioNumerics.

Beyond any doubt, the main novelty of BioNumerics version 7.6 is the implementation of a user-friendly whole genome SNP (wgSNP) pipeline. This analysis suite allows you to detect Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) on whole genome sequences and perform cluster analyses on the resulting wgSNP matrix. It features powerful and flexible SNP filters, of which the effect can be graphically evaluated in the brand new SNP filtering window. For routine applications, predefined and custom SNP templates make it possible to calculate a tree based on whole genome SNP data in just a few mouse clicks!

Other highlights from the impressive list of new features:

  • To combine wgSNP with wgMLST analyses, the WGS tools plugin allows you to perform reference mappings on the calculation engine, in addition to de novo assemblies and wgMLST allele calls.
  • Another much-anticipated set of new features is the new circular dendrogram layout and the additional display options for nodes, branches and labels in the Advanced cluster analysis window.
  • The Geographical mapping plugin offers more possibilities when creating graphs: now you can scale bar graphs & pie charts proportionally to the number of entries per location, plot stacked bar graphs based on strain info or character data and even draw dendrograms on geographical maps! In addition, we made it easier to select and resolve locations on the maps.
  • You can now run custom Power Assembler pipelines on sequence read sets from selected entries, which adds much flexibility to NGS data analysis in BioNumerics.
  • We made it easier to get started with the software by providing an option to download and install example databases directly from the BioNumerics Startup screen.

Have a look at the new features of BioNumerics version 7.6 for an exhaustive listing of all large and small improvements.

How to upgrade?

This update is free for all our current BioNumerics Seven customers. Simply request a new license string and download the software!

Customers that have an older BioNumerics version can request a quote for an upgrade of their existing license.