Six more wgMLST schemes available

We are pleased to announce six new wgMLST schemas on top of the already existing ones for Staphylococcus aureus and Listeria monocytogenes, which was also updated to contain the recently published core genome as a separate typing scheme.

These schemas will make whole genome sequence typing even easier for BioNumerics users, cementing its reputation as the ultimate microbial data analysis software.

The Salmonella enterica wgMLST schema

Salmonella enterica wgMLST schema

Core loci: 3,002

Accessory loci: 12,865

MLST loci: 7

Total loci: 15,874

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The Escherichia coli / Shigella wgMLST schema

E. coli - Shigella wgMLST schema

Core loci: 2,513

Accessory loci: 14,837

MLST loci: 30

Total loci: 17,380

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The Mycobacterium tuberculosis wgMLST schema

Mycobacterium tuberculosis wgMLST schema

Core loci: 2,891

Accessory loci: 1,141

Total loci: 4,032

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The Campylobacter coli - C. jejuni wgMLST schema

Campylobacter coli - C. jejuni wgMLST schema

Core loci: 1,343

Accessory loci: 2,179

MLST loci: 7

Total loci: 3,529

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The Legionella pneumophila wgMLST schema

Legionella pneumophila wgMLST schema

Core loci: 1,521

Accessory loci: 4,249

SBT loci: 7

Total loci: 5,777

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The Klebsiella pneumoniae wgMLST schema

Klebsiella pneumoniae wgMLST schema

Core loci: 634

Accessory loci: 19,086

MLST loci: 7

Capsular typing loci: 2

Total loci: 19,729

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The results

All whole-genome multi-locus sequence typing schemas have been evaluated and tested by our biologists and collaborators and some are already being used in routine outbreak surveillance. Great care has been taken to create an analysis procedure that minimizes sample artifacts, while maintaining an enormous discriminatory power that supersedes the core genome schema or other current typing standards.

Try it on your own data now!

To start using the wgMLST approach for typing of your own isolates, request your Calculation Engine project. For an easy introduction, we have a wgMLST tutorial available online. We look forward to your discoveries!


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