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Job Description Credits
Reference mapping Reference mapping using SNAP or Bowtie 2 1
De novo assembly De novo genome assembly from short reads using SPAdes, SKESA, Unicycler or Velvet 1
De novo assembly (hybrid) Hybrid de novo genome assembly from short and long reads using Unicycler 10
wgMLST assembly-based calls BLAST-based allele calling on assembled genomes for wgMLST analysis 3
wgMLST assembly-free calls k-mer based allele calling on sequence read sets for wgMLST analysis 3
Annotation by Prokka Genome annotation by Prokka 1
CFSAN SNP pipeline SNP analysis on sequence read sets via the pipeline created by the FDA Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN) 5
RAxML pipeline A RAxML maximum likelihood clustering on aligned sequence data 5
FastTree pipeline A FastTree maximum likelihood clustering on aligned sequence data 3
MTBC genotyping Spoligo typing, resistance/lineage prediction and species prediction for Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex 2
SeqSero Salmonella serotype prediction by SeqSero 1
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*: Minimum 50 and maximum 10000 Calculation Engine credits can be ordered online.
**: Complimentary Calculation Engine credits are granted with online orders above 250 credits.

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