Hash-based whole genome MLST

This tutorial shows you how to work with the WGS tools local plugin, applied on the Listeria monocytogenes WGS demo database. The WGS tools local plugin performs a hash-based wgMLST allele calling and maintains a local wgMLST nomenclature. These features allow you to continue wgMLST analyses without a connection to the Calculation Engine.
Download demonstration database: 

Demonstration database containing data for a set of 51 Listeria monocytogenes isolates. This database uses publicly available next-generation sequence reads from the Sequence Read Archive (SRA). For each isolate, NGS reads were de novo assembled into genome sequences. wgMLST alleles were called using the assembly-based and assembly-free method.

Note that the downloaded database backup file (.bnbk) can be restored via the Restore database... functionality in the BIONUMERICS startup screen.