Configuring the database layout

The BioNumerics user interface is very flexible and can be customized to a high degree by the user, for example by hiding information fields, panels and toolbars which are not needed in the context of an analysis, or by only displaying database items based on user-defined settings using views (e.g. only displaying my own experiment types, only displaying database entries that were added to the database in the last 30 days, etc.). In this tutorial you will learn how to change the appearance of the information displayed in grid panels, how to move, hide and enable panels and toolbars and how to use views.


All information pertaining the BIONUMERICS database. This includes import of descriptive information about strains, accession or biological samples (commonly referred to as entries in BIONUMERICS), modifications to the database layout and setup, entry selections, user management, etc.

Download PDF file: 
Download demonstration database: 
DemoBase Connected

The DemoBase Connected demonstration database. This database is used in several tutorials.

Note that the downloaded database backup file (.bnbk) can be restored via the Restore database... functionality in the BIONUMERICS startup screen.