Setup and analysis using a publicly available MLST scheme

In this tutorial the most common usage scenario of the MLST online plugin is illustrated, i.e. when you want to perform MLST using an already published MLST schema, made available via or or any other online repository. For many clinically relevant organisms, an MLST schema is already available and using this schema ensures a consistent nomenclature.

MLST analysis

Multi-Locus Sequence Typing (MLST) using the BIONUMERICS MLST online plugin. See the MLST application page for a complete overview.
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Download sample data: 
MLST sample SCF trace files
A set of raw sequence trace files in .scf format for all seven loci (abcZ, adk, aroE, fumC, gdh, pdhC, and pgm) used in the MLST scheme of Neisseria.