Decision networks

Decision networks allow automated workflows to be built that make decisions, predict features, perform queries, fill in fields, create graphs and plots, etc. They can be used for resistance prediction, in breeding research, for complex reporting or for automated analysis of multilevel and polyphasic data analysis and data sorting. It includes the option to build bifurcating decision trees.

Operator list for decision networksDecision networks are among the most versatile and powerful tools for automation in BIONUMERICS. A decision network is an operational workflow that carries out one or more [logical] operations and/or actions on the database. The network is built of Operators as building blocks that form the Nodes of the network:

  • Input operators to retrieve specific, usually experimental, data
  • String, Value and Sequence operators, which perform a manipulation on data types
  • Boolean operators, which combine one or more binary states into a new binary state
  • Output actions, performing a specific action on the database, for example writing a field

The operators of a decision network together form an easy-to-use construction kit that allows one to build automated decision or action workflows, with endless possibilities.

Decision network
Supported in BIONUMERICS configurations: